Assistant Director

The Assistant Director is the director's right hand person, taking responsibility for a number of important practicalities, so that the director is free to concentrate on the creative process. The assistant director manages the crew on behalf of the director and is the main communicator of each film team. He or she is well informed about all wishes for shooting the script by the production manager, passes the information to the appropriate person and checks the results. During pre- production, they break down the script into a shot by shot storyboard, and work with the director to determine the shoot order, and how long each scene will take to film. They then draw up the overall shooting schedule (a timetable for the filming period).

Once the film is in production, they are in charge of making sure that every aspect of the shoot keeps to this schedule.

At many times there are more than one assistant directors; one is usually working closer to the director and the other/s are responsible for more administrative issues such as scheduling each day’s shoot and providing information to cast and crew regarding logistics such as directions, transport, parking etc. The scope of duties of the assistant director in detail depends on the genre, they strongly differs between fictional productions like cinema films, TV movies, series, daily soaps or comedy and their duties in TV shows and magazine programmes. 

Job/task description

  • Assisting the director
  • Coordinating all production activity
  • Manage the hiring of locations, equipment etc.
  • Supervise the cast and the crew on behalf of the director
  • Competent contact person for the entire team
  • Schedule each day’s shooting
  • Ensure the relevant documentation and monitoring of results
  • Provide information to cast and crew on logistical necessities such as directions, transport, parking etc.
  • Carry out other necessary administrative functions
  • Responsible for issues of health and safety both on set and on location
  • work long and often unsocial hours on a freelance basis
  • usually work under highly pressurized and stressful conditions