Composers write music that is appropriate for each film and consistent with the Director's vision, usually after the end of shooting and editing. Ideally working in creative collaboration with Directors, Composers write scores that guide the audience through the drama, increase films' emotional impact, and give them atmosphere. The composer uses or creates music to intensify the moods and emotions that the director is trying to evoke in the audience. 

Job/task description

  • Write original music for a film or TV programme
  • Create and use music that reflects the moods of the film
  • Work closely and discuss with the director as far as music for the film is concerned
  • Produce a demo score
  • Searching for a musical style to suit the story
  • Decide on the themes and purpose of the music
  • Produce temp tracks, sometimes made up of other composers' work, which can be used in test screenings
  • Write themes to pictures
  • Deal with any required revisions, often collaborating closely with the Editor to hone the score as the edit progresses
  • Prepare the score, usually on midi files, for the Orchestrator (who may also have some creative input), and the Copyist
  • Prepare all the electronic aspects of the score for the recording sessions, and attend the sessions
  • Responsibility for delivering the score to the Producer, together with all recordable media, prepared to specific requirements
  • Composers' work is usually overseen by Music Supervisors or Music Agents
  • Make sure that the music he/she is preparing is suitable for the theme of the film