Needed competencies and skills

  • Imagination and a passion for film and music are essential
  • Need to be musically versatile and able to compose in different styles
  • Ability to translate their vision into musical terms
  • Use samples, and produce electronic scores using technology such as ProTools
  • A feel for drama and narrative
  • Ability to write music to pictures
  • Understanding of the technical side of filmmaking, and an appreciation of how this affects the sound
  • Computer skills
  • Ability to work with new technology
  • Be able to work collaboratively and to be flexible and willing to compromise
  • Ability to listen to Directors
  • Create themes quickly under the pressure of deadlines
  • Ability to improvise
  • Initiative

Career Progression and Training Opportunities

Composers usually have some form of musical training, but talent and the drive to write music for films are more important than qualifications. There are some Masters programmes courses offered by Trinity College Dublin and University College Cork in Music Composition, however for Postgraduate programmes in Composition specifically tailored for Film and Television, you would need to attend a university in England such as Bristol University. This programme would offer access to studios and orchestras, and the possibility of producing show-reels. However, industry experience and knowledge are equally valued.

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Post-leaving Certificate Courses: