A Distributor is responsible for coordinating the distribution of the finished movie to exhibitors, as well as the sale of video, DVD, Blu Ray and other media on which the movie will be made available.

This person is responsible for informing the widest possible audience about the release of a given film. A distributor usually competes for securing the rights to release films and has to make sure that he/she has the ability to persuade film makers to represent their work. Furthermore, he/she has to communicate with film makers, producers, publicists, and advertising companies, to sell the film to TV stations, cinema operators,online broadcasters and film festivals. A distributor works on a commission-of-sales basis.

Some film distribution companies are affiliated with Hollywood studios, and release studio products in tandem worldwide. Unaffiliated film Distributors (Independents) primarily handle films financed outside the Hollywood system, which are usually country specific, i.e. they oversee films only in their home country. Regardless of affiliation, all Distributors are allowed to compete for films with available rights in such areas as theatrical, television, satellite, DVD, etc. 

Job/task description

  • Prepare marketing strategy
  • Build a network of potential buyers
  • Convince film makers to represent their films
  • Launching and sustaining films in the marketplace
  • Use all kinds of channels and social networks for selling
  • Connect each film they release with the widest possible audience
  • Work closely with publicist to ensure the coverage in media about the film to increase public interest
  • Liaise with a range of media professionals
  • Generate an original release plan for every project created in collaboration with film production and/or studio company personnel, marketing teams, publicity departments and exhibitors (cinema operators)
  • Secure the rights to release films
  • Supervise the accountancy procedures of films
  • Offer marketing plan, expenditure evaluation, revenue breakdown, forecasts reports to studios and/or producers