The Producer constitutes one of the most important if not the most important “player" in the film industry. The person that holds this position is at many times actively involved all the way through every key phase of the filmmaking process, and oversees each project from conception to completion and occasionally is also involved in the marketing as well as the distribution of the final product. Producers arrange funding for each project and are responsible for keeping the production within the allocated budget. In addition, a producer is responsible for hiring the team which will produce the film as well as for the development of ideas. Producers work closely with directors and other production staff on the shoot. Increasingly, they need to have directing skills themselves as the producer may also be the director and may take care of all project operations. Producers are working in the fictional area as well as in the news area.

In short, most of the time, it's the Producer who does the work to make a film happen.

Job/task description
  • Participates and supervises all stages of film making
  • Pull together all those involved in the project with the aim to create a team
  • scheduling
  • Creation of ideas
  • Plan expenditures and earnings of the film
  • Raise funding
  • Secure rights
  • Commission writers
  • Select and hire key staff
  • Supervise the progress of the project
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical guidance of the project
  • responsible for anything affecting the budget of the film
  • Direct all aspects of costume and set design, hair and make-up, sound and lightning, etc.
  • secure distribution and merchandising
  • Create and develop a network of contacts
  • Cooperation with costumers (e.g. editors of TV stations)