Production Manager

The Production Manager handles the day-to-day administrative management on behalf of the producer and line producer. This person helps to decide the most efficient and economic way to schedule shoots and negotiate business deals for crews, locations and technical equipment, and make day-to-day production decisions to ensure that productions proceed smoothly. He or she is only little involved in the content, but nevertheless has to be creative, because a good production manager makes the impossible possible and find ways to realize elaborate ideas of the writer or the producer on budget and in difficult situations. Production managers work long hours, and have to have the ability to react calmly under extreme pressure. They also have the legal responsibility for the whole team, e.g. if general working standards are not complied with. The role is challenging but well paid, usually on a freelance basis. 

Job/task description

  • Meeting the producer and other senior production staff to examine scripts or program ideas
  • Create a realistic cost calculation
  • Drawing up and managing of shooting and production schedule
  • Hiring crews and contractors, and negotiating rates of pay
  • Approving the booking of resources, equipment and suppliers
  • Overseeing location bookings and arranging any necessary permissions and risk assessments
  • Supervise the crew
  • Monitoring budget, quality and progress of production
  • Reporting to the producer on progress<
  • Making sure that insurance, health and safety rules, copyright laws and union agreements are followed
  • Troubleshooting
  • Deal with personnel issues