Production Manager

Needed competencies and skills

  • Knowledge of film production
  • Management skills, natural authority
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Organisational talent and planning skills
  • Creative and commercial understanding
  • Problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Knowledge of budgeting and accounting programmes, film scheduling and word processing software
  • Need to understand the creative and business challenges faced by the Producer, Director and Heads of Department
  • Good contacts with local equipment suppliers and know where to recruit reliable production personnel
  • Knowledge of Health & Safety legislation and insurance issues
  • Dynamic and highly self-motivated
  • Prepared to work very long hours
  • High stress resistance

Career Progression and Training Opportunities

Production Managers play a pivotal role on any film production. To qualify for this position, they must be highly experienced in the film industry. The typical career progression to Production Manager is from Assistant Direction (i.e., from First or Second Assistant Director to Production Manager), or through the production office (i.e., from Production Co-ordinator, or Assistant Production Manager to Production Manager), or from production management in television drama or advertising. A degree in Film or Media Studies is not essential, although a degree in some discipline is an advantage. Attendance on industry courses covering areas such as Health & Safety, Budgeting and Scheduling, IT, and First Aid, is advantageous. Prospective employers often stipulate that Production Managers should have a full clean EU driving license.

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Post-leaving Certificate Courses: