The publicist is the person that serves as the channel of communication between the producer, cast, crew and the media for the duration of the film making. He/she promotes films and stars through press releases, publicity events, contacts with newspapers, distribution of publicity stills, and so on. At some stage of the filming procedure a digital press pack (DPP) is produced. This pack consists of photographs taken on set, biographies of the cast and the director, posters, logos and other press material. The engagement of the publicist with the film can begin from a very early phase, for instance he/she can send out press releases even before the start of the actual filming procedure, in order to trigger interest in the project. The aim of the publicist is to attract as much media attention as possible in the media and online. This job overlaps with that of the public relations executive. The "unit" publicist publicizes a particular film.

Job/task description

  • The main responsibility is to get positive press coverage for a film or the stars of that film
  • Create and send out press releases before, during and after filming to generate interest in the project
  • Build up a network to newspapers, radio stations, television broadcasters
  • Liaise with promotional partners, theatre owners, studio executives, members of the film's cast and crew, opinion makers, critics and film festival representatives
  • Arrange on set visits of selected journalists
  • Publicists help to create and implement the Distributors' release plan
  • Media-adapted realization of ideas
  • Generating detailed publicity campaigns
  • Create press packets, including the film's synopsis, production notes, cast and crew credits and biographies, stills and the EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
  • Keep Distributors and Producers informed and aware of PR developments
  • In case of any controversy or crisis, Publicists must instigate, oversee and coordinate any and all damage control
  • In charge for press and publicity budgets set by the producers of the project
  • Produce a long and a short précis of the film