Sound Technician

Needed competencies and skills

  • Technical aptitude is necessary to know what equipment will provide the best result
  • Audio awareness
  • Good understanding of acoustics, including the physical properties of sounds, pitch and frequency
  • Being able to add something to a recording process will help you build your reputation and find work. Artists want people who can help them to perform their best or record their best work.
  • Good interpersonal skills and patience. Artists have a reputation for being ‘passionate’ and you may witness the occasional temper tantrum!
  • Creativity
  • Communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to focus on a task

Career Progression and Training Opportunities

Competition for jobs is often fierce and it is not unusual for people to volunteer at both gigs and recording studios in order to bolster their CV and gain the necessary experience. The normal route is to start as a ‘shadow’ or a ‘runner’ where you learn from experienced technicians. 

There is a wide variety of recording tools available from PROtools and Logic to Cubase and Audacity. It is recommended that you have a detailed knowledge of some of these programmes as they will help you in building a solid knowledge of how to construct soundscapes. These programmes have increased the knowledge base and competition for places within the industry, with individuals often having good technical knowledge before starting their career.

Relevant training opportunities are offered by private institutions and universities and institutes of technology alike.

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Post-leaving Certificate Courses: