"In the beginning was the word” – it is also true for the audio-visual media: Whether it is for a series or an advertising spot, a movie or a radio play every production starts with an idea and written words. The range of writing professions expands from e.g. an author of a film script to a member of an editorial team for a TV series. The title script- or screenwriter has to be understood as a kind of generic term with different fields of work, among other things scriptwriter, radio drama author, script doctor. 

Screenwriters are responsible for researching the story, developing the narrative, writing the screenplay, and delivering it, in the required format, to Development Executives. Screenwriters therefore have great influence over the creative direction and emotional impact of the screenplay and, arguably, of the finished film.

In some instances it might be necessary for the writer to collaborate with the director and the producer to re-write parts of the script both before the start of the shooting as well as after the shooting process starts. Most of the times writers are working on a freelance basis. 

There are only few authors writing scripts for “big” movies, most of them earn money by writing scripts for television plays and series, corporate films, documentaries and commercials, texts for dialogues and single scenes, gimmicks and comedies for entertainment shows. 

A large proportion of produced screen-works are Producer (not Screenwriter)-driven, and sometimes even superb screenplays do not get made. However, as writing a great screenplay can help Screenwriters to secure work on other projects, they must be both ambitious and realistic about their talents, the film industry, and their career prospects. 

Job/task description

  • Select the theme of the film based on personal interest or commissioned by a producer
  • Write a screenplay in which the reader can 'see' the film unfold cinematically in their imagination
  • write visually, using sound and dialogue to support the action in order to create a credible and internally consistent story world
  • Write a screenplay conform to the logical principles of dramatic construction, as well as to industry expectations regarding format and style
  • Rewrite and adapt already created literary material
  • Work together with the members of the script development team
  • forming a harmonious whole of all components
  • take changes of actors/budget into account