Building on Solid Foundations: Research Results

To ensure that the project consoritum build on existing work in the field of digital media training and add value to target group members by identifying gaps in provision and developing appropriate resources to address them; a detailed research process was undertaken. The research identified existing train-the-trainer courseware and available online open source training resources for the development of media production skills; available learning resources that follow the embedded-learning approach to highlight instances of best practice; available personal and career guidance supports appropriate to the needs of target groups; and finally the state-of-the-art for virtual collaborative environments and Web TV streaming.

A copy of the Research Findings Executive Summary, in the 4 partner languages, is available to view or download by clicking on the links below:

Ensuring the exploitation of DLQ

Supporting the exploitation activities of the Project Consortium, two primary deliverables were created, namely the Project Summary and the Project's Policy Paper - both can be accessed via the links below: