3.4. Correcting the picture


It is highly unusual for all the clips you use in a film to match one another in terms of colour, contrast and tone. This is something that must be achieved in the edit and, to do so, we have various tools in the editing software. Using these it is a simple matter to darken footage that is too light (over exposed) or lighten footage which is too dark (under exposed). Often the white-balancing was set incorrectly on the camera and the picture is bluish or yellowish. This can be corrected with ‘colour correction’. The picture can be made more colour-vibrant or have the colour bled from it with the ‘saturation’ filter. There are also many playful filters which apply various effects to your film. It is a case of trying these out to become familiar with them. The main thing is to achieve image consistency throughout the film.

Practical Assignment

Apply appropriate filters to ensure that the clips match each other to give consistency to your film.