3.7. Titles and graphics


Text most often appears at the start of your film in the form of a film title and, sometimes, credits of key people in the film, in subtitles and in credits at the end of your film. Most editing software has the ability to create such text which sits over your film clips on the timeline. Another option is to create the text in a software package such as Adobe® Photoshop® and then import it.


Graphics for use in film are generally created in a software packages such as Photoshop®. They are images which are imported and placed in the appropriate place on the timeline over the clips of your film. Examples of graphics are logos, arrows pointing to something onscreen or boxes to cover a part of the film which you don’t want the viewer to see – such as the face of someone being interviewed who doesn’t want to be identified.

Practical Assignment

Create and apply titles and graphics to your film.