Module 1: Pre production

Learner Outcome

In this module we look at preparation for shooting a short film. The learner will be able to identify the best approach for the project, engage successfully in the scriptwriting process, cast  actors, understand the roles of a core film crew, complete basic administration and prepare for the shoot.

Learners will present the following specific outcomes

  1. A written outline, pitch, synopsis and script of the film project that the learner has decided to undertake
  2. Documentation showing the learner’s casting process with audition video clips
  3. Documentation identifying the crew members and their individual roles
  4. Documentation showing why one of the film locations was chosen
  5. A budget for the project
  6. Samples of all legal forms pertaining to the project
  7. A schedule for the production
  8. A storyboard for the project
  9. Minutes of a pre production meeting

Content includes:

  1. Identifying the best approach for the project
  2. Script writing
  3. Casting
  4. Understanding the roles of the crew
  5. Location scouting
  6. Budgeting
  7. Legalities
  8. Scheduling
  9. Storyboarding
  10. Pre-production meetings

A classroom tutor aid covering this module is available for download as PowerPoint HERE and as PDF HERE.

As a verb it is the process of finding suitable actors to play the characters in your film. As a noun it is the group
of actors who will play the characters in your film.

Written Assignment
1. Choose a filming project to undertake for this course.
2. Decide on whether you will make a drama or a documentary.
3. Write down what project you have chosen, what format you have decided upon and why you have reached those decisions.