1.6. Budgeting

Film budgets are complicated but essential parts of the film making process. In Europe many short film funds are available from which film makers can apply for grants. A budget is invariably a part of this process though, for short films a more simple budget model can be used. Use the template provided (Appendix 1b) and make sure to fill in details of things that you get for free as well as things that you have to pay for. In this way a more accurate picture of how much your project is worth can be established rather than merely what amount of money was actually spent on it.

In addition, bear in mind the interest that people have in film. Sometimes you can get a contribution of money, goods or services from someone by giving them a mention in the credits, by promising to publicise their help in your press releases or by ‘product placement’ within your film.

Written Assignment
Create a suitable budget for your film