1.5. Location scouting

If you don’t have the luxury of a Hollywood studio and countless dollars to build sets you’ll be looking for places to shoot the scenes of your film. These are some things you should bear in mind:

1. Is it artistically suitable for the scene or can it easily be made so?
2. Do I need permission to shoot there and, if so, can I get it?
3. Will I have uninterrupted access to the location when I need it?
4. Will my cast and crew be able to get to the location?
5. Does it have the facilities I need, such as electricity?
6. Can I control the noise so that I can get good audio recordings?
7. Will there be good available light or do I need to light it?
8. Are there any dangers to cast and crew?

When you are viewing potential locations it is a good idea to bring a video or stills camera so that you can review it later.Also bear in mind that a film crew is usually a determined group of people with one thing on their mind – making the film – so be sure to remind them to respect the location and allow time at the end of the shoot to put everything back as you found it.

Written and Practical Assignment
1. Find all the necessary locations for your filming project and get permission to use them

2. Pick any one of the locations and write down why it is suitable both practically and creatively