1.10. Pre-production meetings

Filming is a costly business and at no time is it more costly than when a cast, crew and their equipment is on set. A common mistake of the novice or student film maker is to waste time on set doing things that could have been prepared beforehand. Pre-production meetings, therefore, are important. The film maker should meet with crew to ensure that everybody knows what he or she is doing and has the correct equipment to do it and with the cast to rehearse the scenes and iron out any problems. It’s also helpful to have the cast and crew meet. A film set can be a wonderful place to be if the atmosphere is positive but, with everyone working to a deadline, it can often be stressful. If a sense of teamwork is missing or if personalities clash it can make an already difficult task seem like an absolute nightmare.

Aim to achieve the following at your pre-production meetings:

1. A sense of camaraderie between cast and crew
2. That everyone has clear information about both his/her own and each other’s role
3. That everyone knows the shooting schedule, locations and how to get to them
4. That a clear chain of command is established so that everybody knows who to report to

Written and Practical Assignment
1. Hold appropriate pre-production meetings either in person or online

2. Keep notes of these meetings (copies of online chat dialogue if appropriate) showing that they were well structured

3. In the notes of your final pre-production meeting show that it was effective and conclusive