1.9. Storyboarding

An important part of your preparation is to compose a storyboard. This is a shot-by-shot plan of how you are going to shoot your film. Storyboards come in a variety of forms. They can be very accurate drawings – like a comic book – of the scenes, they can be stick-figures or they can simply be a list of descriptions without any drawing involved. The storyboard not only serves as a plan for the film maker while he/she is directing the scenes but it helps the camera operator to know what set-ups are required for each shot. See Appendix 1g for an example of a storyboard.

When a storyboard comprises drawings, they are often accompanied by short notes. An important part of the grammar of film is used to describe different shots. We use terms like ECU (extreme close up) or mid-shot. See Appendix 1h for a list of shot descriptions.

Written Assignment
Compose a storyboard for your film project